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Professional education

Maternal Critical Care offers health professionals specialist education about caring for critically ill pregnant and postpartum women. General nurses may not have specialised knowledge on the normal physiology of pregnancy or on maternity conditions and needs, and midwives may not possess the high acuity nursing skills and knowledge a critically ill pregnant or postpartum woman require.

Around 30% of women who experience severe acute maternal morbidity are admitted to an intensive care unit. The other 70% are cared for in maternity services. For example, a woman may receive a massive blood transfusion and hysterectomy to control postpartum haemorrhage, yet remain in the care of midwives. Maternal Critical Care offers education to equip health professionals with the skills necessary to care for critically ill pregnant and postpartum women.

For organisations

Clinical governance and risk management are important elements in the delivery of safe and appropriate health care. Critically ill pregnant and postpartum women may represent a clinical risk for organisations.

Maternal Critical Care designs education programs for organisations and health services on any topic related to maternal critical illness and the care that these women require. The latest research and evidence-based clinical guidelines are incorporated into all professional education.

Popular topics include: early recognition of clinical deterioration in pregnant and postpartum women, preeclampsia, obstetric haemorrhage, caring for pregnant women in intensive care units, trauma in pregnancy, influenza and pregnancy. A comprehensive list of topics can be viewed here.

Maternal Critical Care offers a variety of presentation modes, such as: lectures, seminars, clinical workshops, case scenarios. Midwives, intensive care nurses, cardiac nurses, emergency nurses, anaesthesia nurses, doctors and allied health professionals will benefit from our services. We also offer multi-disciplinary education services.

For individuals

In the future, individual professional education will be offered via an on-line learning portal on the website. Click here if you would like to be notified when this mode becomes available.

In the meantime, see if Maternal Critical Care is running any events in your local area and register to attend.